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 Buffet Style Deluxe Dinners

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$19.95 - $21.95 per person - 20 people minimum

Beef bracciole in ragu sauce
Beef goulash
Beef Stroganoff
Chicken-fried steak (breaded steak)
Chili con carne
Corned beef
Hardy beef stew
Italian-style fluffy meatballs
Old-fashioned meatloaf
Pepper steak with pepper and onions
Salisbury steak with onions
Sliced flank steak
Sliced sirloin au jus
Sliced top round roast beef
Steak in Marsala sauce with mushrooms
Steak pizzaiola
Sweet and sour beef
Swiss Steak
Texas BBQ brisket
Thin steak scallopini
Yankee pot roast


May be priced accordingly (PA).

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