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$12.50 per person based on 100 people
Choice of 5 hot and 5 cold hors d'oeuvres

FREE Fruit platter
FREE Tortilla chips and salsa

Spicy beef and scallions Teriyaki
Mini beef mignons
Beef satay
Mini beef burgers
Open face roast beef
Italian meatballs
Swedish meatballs
Spicy apple meatballs
Pigs in a blanket
Cocktail franks with dipping sauce

Garlic chicken kebabs
Spicy buffalo wings
Sesame chicken fingers with sweet and sour sauce
Coconut chicken bites
Crispy and spicy drummets
Crispy chicken kebabs with chili
Chicken fingers with BBQ sauce

Shrimp cocktail (P/A)
Mini crab cakes
Lemon ginger shrimp
Coconut shrimp
Scallops in bacon
Smoked salmon with camembert puff


Assorted Quiche
Antipasto on skewers
Italian sausage on skewers
Assorted Quesadillas
Stuffed jalapenos
Avocado and pistachio pate with herb toast
Cream cheese puff
Mini potato blinis with lemon chive cream
Assorted cheeses and fruit platter (P/A)
Assorted stuffed mushrooms, ground beef, crabmeat, and vegetarian
Bruschetta with fresh tomato, basil, garlic on crostini
Crudité of vegetable sticks with dipping sauce
Fresh mozzarella and grilled eggplant on crostini
Fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers
Sun dried tomato on crostini
Prosciutto and asparagus
Prosciutto and melon
Vegetable egg rolls with dipping sauce

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